A2hosting Review After Being a Customer for Two Years

If you are looking to create a fast and reliable website, there are some simple options but if you want to be professional about it, chances are that you will need to deal with a web host.

One of the biggest challenges for a webmaster is to find a fast, reliable and reasonably priced web host. And believe me, this is not as easy as it sounds.

According to Copyblogger, their frustration was the reason behind them starting their own web hosting company, Websynthesis.

If you can afford to do the same, go for it. However, most of us will sign up with a provider available on the market. A2hosting is such a company and this is where we can help you decide whether you’re looking for them or not.

Before we get into the details, let’s see who is A2hosting and how did we end up with them.

From no-name to well-known

Back in 2012 A2Hosting was a provider that I heard good news about, so I decided to look into their services. They were not that well-known yet as I recall, but they’ve come a long way since then for sure. This small web host from Ann Arbor MI became a huge success.
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What is Joomla and How Can I Use it to Create a Website?

Joomla is an easily configurable and very popular Content Management System, which makes it simple to create a web page.

The open source software is like many others – free and of course the source code is accessible to everyone. [click to continue…]


Put the Work In: The Long Way to the Optimal Domain Name


hat distinguishes a good domain name from a bad one?

Very simple: You can remember a good name right away and enter it correctly into the browser weeks later. You read or hear a bad name and forget it immediately.

Very bad names are characterized by the fact that you don’t just forget them, but don’t even google them because the name and content have nothing to do with each other. [click to continue…]


A2Hosting Launches Windows Hosting and Other Updates

A2hosting has launched their Windows hosting plans which offer the well-known speed and reliability that we’re used to from them.

Basically every Linux based plan has a Windows counterpart now when it comes to Shared and Reseller plans. [click to continue…]


The Fruit of the Google and A2 Hosting Partnership: G Suite Integration

If productivity is in scope we can’t close our eyes when it comes to Google.

Like in so many other areas, Google put their best foot forward giving us great business tools like the Calendar, Drive, Docs and of course Email and the list goes on. [click to continue…]