A2Hosting Launches Windows Hosting and Other Updates

A2hosting has launched their Windows hosting plans which offer the well-known speed and reliability that we’re used to from them.

Basically every Linux based plan has a Windows counterpart now when it comes to Shared and Reseller plans. [click to continue…]


A2hosting Review After Being a Customer for Two Years

A thorough A2hosting review

This A2Hosting review was originally published in 2013. Since then it has been revised several times, reflecting the fact that currently this website is also hosted on A2-Hosting’s platform.

Exactly who is A2 Hosting?

Back in 2012 A2Hosting was a provider that I heard good news about, so I decided to look under the hood. They were not that well-known back then yet as I recall, they’ve come a long way since then. The web host from Ann Arbor MI became a huge success, hence the A2 in their name.
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The Fruit of the Google and A2 Hosting Partnership: G Suite Integration

If productivity is in scope we can’t close our eyes when it comes to Google.

Like in so many other areas, Google put their best foot forward giving us great business tools like the Calendar, Drive, Docs and of course Email and the list goes on. [click to continue…]


How to Find Black Friday and Cyber Monday Web Hosting Deals in 2016?

There is a time for sowing and reaping every year and there is Black Friday and Cyber Monday also that is the best time of the year to acquire certain goods.

This couldn’t be more true to services like web hosting where every year during this period early birds get deals up to 80% off from web hosting plans. Of course, the element of research and recommendation should still be present. [click to continue…]


Siteground Review – Great Features and Outstanding Performance from a Unique Web Host

SiteGround was started in 2003 as a really small business but today they host around 250,000 websites (numbers change by the day). They provide shared hosting for small businesses and blogs, cloud hosting, dedicated servers and reseller hosting.

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Greengeeks Review – Technically Solid Web Host with Shady Domain Policy?

Greengeeks as the the name implies is a green web host and green web hosting is a great direction although I see a slight misunderstanding around the concept, but hopefully after this review, things will become clearer.

What is Green Web Hosting?

There is a number of activities that contribute to green hosting, but probably the most important thing is “Renewable Energy Certificates”.

Companies buy these and so the energy amount that they use is produced from environmentally friendly sources (like wind energy, solar energy).

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New A2Hosting Client Area

The new client area after login (click to see larger)

The new client area after login (click to see larger)

A2hosting have upgraded their client area in July. They have done this to further enhance the user experience both on desktop and on mobile.

In our A2hosting review there is a section which mentions the client area in relation to the user experience. In that we concluded how many clicks are needed to get to the control panel after login. [click to continue…]


Ipage Reviewed – What You Should Know About IPage Hosting

IPage is a web host that I knew about for a long time as in the past this website was hosted with FatCow, and both of them are part of Endurance International Limited.

In a way IPage was on the to do list of mine, as it proved to be more popular than FatCow for some reason. Finally, here’s the review. I hope it is of help for many of you. [click to continue…]