Howdy, welcome and thank you for your interest in WHW. First and foremost let me disclose that WHW is not a web hosting provider, we do not offer web hosting services and we are not affiliated in any way with the very similarly named Webhostingworld.com.

The Goal

WHW aims to help beginners in creating a web presence for their business or personal projects from the beginning to the end.

This means that we cover every phase of the process of putting a site to the web – domain research, web hosting, website creation and setup.

WHW has a consistent way of analyzing web hosts, according to certain criteria, so they can really be compared to each other. Currently there are four criteria that we’ve come up with: pricing, support, reliability and features.

Of course we can add additional information in the reviews we publish, but we usually take these criteria as abase in every web hosting review that we conduct.

I hope that one day you will buy hosting through WHW thus supporting WHW work to keep this project ongoing and help people around the world. So, I’m really here for the long run focusing on quality and trust.

If you think you could contribute in some way or have any suggestions please contact me with your ideas.

How We Gather Information About Web Wosts?

I’m going to be honest with you, unlike so many web hosting review sites saying that they’ve tested every web host that is listed on their site – I’m not going to do this. Yes, there are hosts that I’ve tested, but there is a number of web hosts that I haven’t tested and I heavily rely on other people’s opinion around the web.

We add value by gathering and evaluating information about the web host in question, plus I add my own “seasoning” by testing their support, monitoring their uptime and watching customer feedback.

For example there are a few high quality sites, which I regularly monitor for user feedback, like Webhostinggeeks.com.

Tools We Use

Currently we are using a service called UptimeRobot. This checks server response every five minutes. So we can say that if you don’t see downtime according to our statistics, actually there can be some downtime, but it is not longer than five minutes.

As you will see, there are hosts with quite significant down-times, so that five minutes is “in the acceptable limit”.

That’s all folks.

If you have any questions do not hesitate to get in touch.

Bless and be Blessed,

authorFrank Rankowitz, author of Webhostingsworld.com.