Small Businesses – Why Choose Managed Cloud Hosting Over Unmanaged

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Cloud computing is becoming more and more widespread since companies have realised that this is the right way to go in order to save money and make things simple.

Making the decision to use cloud computing is only the entrance step but there are a set of other choices that we have to make to get the job done.

For bigger companies this is not such a serious decision, as they probably have the right people who manage the IT part of their work, but for smaller businesses, for the average Joe, this can be a more tedious task.

There are basically three kinds of clouds: public, private and hybrid clouds. After you decide which one you want to use, you have to make a couple of other decisions too, which we will cover in more detail in another article.

In the end there’s the choice of going  managed or unmanaged.

The tools that cloud computing provides can be supported, directed by the provider, but it can also run without this supervision, depending from what you want. If you choose to go with the unmanaged one, you can basically do whatever you want.

In this setup, the provider does not offer support for the tools you use, you are on your own. So freedom comes with responsibility.

On the other hand, with managed cloud computing, you get all the benefits that you can get from the provider. Monitoring, support and responsibility.

So unless you are in the field of IT and you a professional in configuring servers, you might want to go managed. Most of the small businesses are out of this category, so they are advised to use managed cloud services.

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