Three Things to Change on Your Website for More Traffic

We’re all about getting the most out of our websites and time invested into it. User experience will be the driver in achieving this. At Google they say, “Focus on the user and all else will follow”. This is true to all of us with a web presence with a goal.

One of the significant factors of user experience is page load speed. But this is not everything. You can have the best web host with top of the line page load speeds, but if the below points are lagging, you’re probably leaving out on potential audience.

1 – Focus on one thing

Many websites make the mistake of not choosing a clear direction. The content they are publishing is high quality, but it is a wandering generality. This will do two things: neither Google nor your visitors will be able to determine precisely what your website is about.

Focus your attention and energy to one topic, become the authority in that. If you have several websites at once and you’re managing them alone at the same time, I’d recommend choosing the one that you want to deal with the most. Put the rest of the projects on hold, trust me, it will pay back.

2 – Become more social

Take it from me.

I’m not a big fan of social media, and consequently, I’ve been dodging it for years. You can see that there is no social media reference on WebHostingsWorld.

I know I’ve been missing out on huge potential.

Research clearly shows that as many as 30-40% of website traffic can come from social media. That’s huge. So one thing I will do in the next few months is to put aside my old beliefs and concerns with social media, focus on the positive and start promoting WebHostingWorld.

3 – Think Twice Before Publishing Content

Sometimes we create content just for the sake of material. Approaching content like this can be counterproductive, or even destructive. I see this tendency even with famous brands.

The purpose of the content should be to provide value to the reader. Again, focus on your audience, write to them all else will come.

Writing for the search engines will not get you far. Search engines have come a long way from the times when websites could rank relatively easily without decent content.

If you can’t commit to a higher frequency posting and longer articles, do what you can. Your readers (and search engines too by the way) will appreciate uniqueness more.

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