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WordPress Users Can Speed-up Their Websites with these Simple Steps

We’ve touched on the topic of how to speed up slow websites in the past, and now we’ll approach it a bit differenty, with more tips and more WordPress focus. WordPress is extremely popular, and this is the reason why we’re putting exceptional focus on it. Whether you’ve experienced a drop in performance on your […] Read More

Three Things to Change on Your Website for More Traffic

We’re all about getting the most out of our websites and time invested into it. User experience will be the driver in achieving this. At Google they say, “Focus on the user and all else will follow”. This is true to all of us with a web presence with a goal. One of the significant […] Read More

Green Web Hosting in 2018 and Beyond?

We generate more electricity from renewable sources than ever. But, the demand is also higher than ever before. From one side, the demand for renewables has increased dramatically, and therefore the price of GoOs (Guarantees of Origins) as well in EU area. On the other there are speculators on the carbon market which pushes prices […] Read More

The Impact of Gutenberg on the WordPress Theme Ecosystem

Gutenberg is supposed to be the new way we can edit and present WordPress themes and content. I’ve read several opinions, and as with any significant change, some are afraid of it, others welcome it. From what I’ve seen, there are both pros and cons which I would like to elaborate on briefly, but only […] Read More

What Can the Genesis Framework Do For You?

The Genesis Framework is a premium WordPress theme that allows users to enjoy all the benefits of WordPress as a platform, with an emphasis on security, performance, and effectiveness. It probably has the largest user base among premium WP themes. There are many reasons for this, and one of these is that it’s almost as […] Read More

Put the Work In: The Long Way to the Optimal Domain Name

What distinguishes a good domain name from a bad one? Very simple: You can remember a good name right away and enter it correctly into the browser weeks later. You read or hear a bad name and forget it immediately. Very bad names are characterized by the fact that you don’t just forget them, but […] Read More

A2Hosting Launches Windows Hosting and Other Updates

A2hosting has launched their Windows hosting plans which offer the well-known speed and reliability that we’re used to from them. Basically every Linux based plan has a Windows counterpart now when it comes to Shared and Reseller plans. So if you are a fan of high quality Windows hosting, I recommend you check them out […] Read More

The Fruit of the Google and A2 Hosting Partnership: G Suite Integration

If productivity is in scope we can’t close our eyes when it comes to Google. Like in so many other areas, Google put their best foot forward giving us great business tools like the Calendar, Drive, Docs and of course Email and the list goes on. What is G Suite? G Suite is a set […] Read More

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