A2Hosting Launches Windows Hosting and Other Updates

A2hosting has launched their Windows hosting plans which offer the well-known speed and reliability that we’re used to from them.

Basically every Linux based plan has a Windows counterpart now when it comes to Shared and Reseller plans.

So if you are a fan of high quality Windows hosting, I recommend you check them out here.

Free SSL Certificates

Many people don’t know, but A2Hosting provides free SSL certificates for all of their shared, VPS, dedicated and reseller plans.

Second good news about this is that while it generally requires some configuration, this one can be added with a matter of a few clicks.

This can really have positive effect on how people perceive your website as recently many browsers are displaying warnings if a website is not SSL secured.

New Languages and Currencies

In order to be more user friendly, A2Hosting have developed and implemented two new versions for Indian and Mexican users on their website. Of course we can also choose the currency accordingly.

PHP 7 and 7.1 Now Available By Default

PHP 7 has been available for long with them, but recently they have decided to provide it by default.

This is great news because PHP 7 proved to be significantly better when it comes to performance.

PHP 7.1 is also available on new plans.

PHP versions can be easily updated with A2 Hosting’s PHP Switcher tool.

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