Another Positive Encounter With A2-Hosting

About two weeks ago I had to contact A2-Hosting support via live chat because I needed some information regarding the use of a special WordPress plugin.

This website is not hosted with A2-Hosting but A2 is a web host which I highly prefer and it will probably be the next host that I’m going to deal with.

Positive, positive and positive

So as I said the reason behind me contacting A2 was that I needed some information regarding a plugin. This plugin needed GeoIp to be installed on the server in order to work. Now currently this site resides on a shared host and my current host doesn’t let this feature to be installed on shared servers. So since I like A2-Hosting this much I decided to go ahead and ask them if they allow GeoIp to be intalled on their shared servers and if they did, I would have left my current host. Long story short, they do allow it.

In the end I remained with my current provider because my developer worked around the problems.

But I left with a positive experience again when it comes to A2-Hosting. They did allow a feature that the other host did not and the support was top notch. They responded fast and provied the right answers.

So if you are looking for a high quality web host guys head over to A2-Hosting to make 100% sure that you’re in good hands or check out our A2-Hosting review.

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Frank Rankowitz

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