Christmas is Coming and Servers are Still Up and Running: an A2hosting Uptime and Response Time Report

Reading about web hosting is not so much fun as reading gossip or other entertaining material, but writing is fun, of course only if we like what we’re doing. And I gotta say, I like what I do, I love blogging, sharing ideas and doing research to clarify something that people cannot find anywhere else, just here.

Today on the table is A2hosting as the title says it. We have a review of the company on our site, and there is a section about reliability, but it is outdated. We need to constantly watch web hosts because changes can occur very fast, and if one starts to go down, and you happen to host with them or just planning to, then you should know the signs.

Notice to this report
For monitoring purposes we use Uptimerobot which checks web hosts in 5 minute intervals. To read more about how we gather data, read our about page.

In every article about uptime we mention how important it is, so let me do this here too: it is important. It is one of the few core elements that determine the quality of a web host, which in my opinion would be price, reliability (thus uptime), response time (thus speed), features, support, and overall user friendliness. I’ll probably write another article about this, going into details of these.

Anyways, let’s get into it. First, I’m going to show response times of A2hosting and compare it with our first ranked on our website, Inmotionhosting’s response time.


Response times over a 24 hour period

So, what can we say about the response times above? Are they any good? Well, they are not bad generally, we can see that most of the time is around 1 second. We can see spikes up to the 2 and 3 regions, those are not good at all. Those spikes are probably due to high traffic, as with the next check we can see that it goes back to the basic 1 second.

How this matches up against Inmotionhosting’s response time?

Well, no wonder Inmotionhosting is ranked number one on our site, as they have response times of 300 and 400 milliseconds, less than a half second (you can read our latest article of Inmotion here). So they beat A2 in this one. But what about uptime?

This is what the uptime data look like:


Uptime data from the last 24 hours, 7 days and 30 days

This is the part where we have to stop and ask ourselves, what? If you look at Inmotion’s uptime you’ll be surprised that they cannot keep their promise of 99.9% uptime, yet they are top rated almost everywhere on the web, and here comes A2 and shows amazingly good uptime. As you can see, the not only provide 99.9% as they say, they have 99.99% over a 30 day period. And if we look at shorter periods, they have a perfect record of 100%. Inmotion could only keep their 99.9% limit for shorter time periods.


What a mess, how can we make a clear decision with such a controversial result? If you ask me, it doesn’t really matter at this level, they are both high quality providers with great results. This is where other features come in to the picture: price, tools. I’d make my decision based on these knowing that they are reliable.

Read more about their features in the respective reviews. Share your opinions if you tried them by rating, comment, subscribe and show love by sharing our content if you find it useful. Thanks!

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