DIYThemes Did it Again

I know that when Thesis 2.0 came out a lot of people didn’t understand the new system that good and there was big disappointment.

What’s more, clients who bought the highest membership didn’t get the skins they were supposed to get for a long time.

In my opinion the launch was a little too early, it should have been prepared earlier.

But I must say that I like the Thesis more than the previous one.

Loading speed of themes is very important to me, so whenever I look at a theme, I don’t care if it has a lot of features, if it is bloated. Thesis is just so lightweight.

People usually compare it with Genesis, and Genesis is really good – don’t get me wrong.

But when I compare the two when it comes to loading times, Thesis is more lightweight and also more flexible if you ask me.

But this post is not about comparing these two, it is more about Thesis being a great “lean” WordPress theme, that runs great on the cheapest web hosting too, while it provides an awesome design and functonality.

I mean the new skins for Thesis are so sleek, you have to love them. My favorite is the Promo skin. I like everything on that skin – great neutral colors, mathematically perfect positioning of elements.

My second favorite is the Pearsonified skin. This is the latest skin, and I tell you what: when you publish content on a theme like that, you can be sure that you readers will get the best user experience (of course you have to have great content).

Themes matter a lot, apart from perfomance there other factors that play an important role.

Just like when you enter a store, they play music for you and things are organised neatly, so you feel nice and relaxed, because this influences the custmer’s psychology.

So if you want great conversions for example, this is the environment you should provide: great design, great content and proper placement of elements.

I highly recommend these themes for anyone using WordPress. You will not be disappointed.

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Frank Rankowitz

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