Free Web Hosting Market-wide: Will it Happen?

Many of the big thinkers of our times e. g. Chris Anderson think that anything that hits the web, will ultimately become free.  While this may sound strange at first, it has a lot of background.

For one, there is Moore’s-law, which states that:

..over the history of computing hardware, the number of transistors on integrated circuits doubles approximately every two years.

(Source: Wikipedia).

This means that resources like bandwidth and disk space are getting cheaper for web hosts so they can reduce prices for customers.

But does this really mean that in the end we will have completely free web hosting and we’ll be charged for something else? Maybe yes, maybe not.

There are business models that provide their main service or product for free and make money from additional services, so this route would not be new.

The other way is, that prices will not disappear completely but resources keep improving.

Me personally, I wouldn’t prefer to have completely free web hosting because we can see what happens with already existing free hosting services and other hosting related services that are free (e. g. Cloudflare).

What I mean with the above lines is that a lot of low quality sites, hackers and other bad guys get on the same server(s) and this has a really bad effect on search engine rankings for example.

In a web hosting market where there is free hosting for all, one that has a paid service could become highly popular because people would prefer them because of security and good reputation in search engines.

This is the main reason why I think hosting services will not become free, but there are more complex reasons too.

So for now, if we want quality web hosting, we have to pay a few bucks.

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Frank Rankowitz

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