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The WordPress theme repository evolves fast. It becomes the place I always wanted it to be – where no matter how much coding (or how little) we know, we can create a fairly good-looking and functioning WordPress based website.

In my mind the first real hit is this year. When I first heard that the Twenty Fourteen theme is going to be a premium theme and then later found out which theme is I felt a deep joy in my soul.

Now you might think I’m crazy, but for me the look, the feel and the speed of a website is very important.

I already knew about the Further theme before it was rumored that it is going to become Twenty Fourteen. As a matter of fact, I liked that theme so much that I was probably one of the first individuals using it on a site.

I was using it while it was under development here on WHW. I even wrote a short article on how to add a logo to it as this is a little tricky and requires a little bit of coding.

The reason why I decided to abandon the Twenty Fourteen theme is mainly because of speed issues. It is a little bit heavy on design but it is still one of my favorite themes and I highly recommend it to everyone.

The purpose of this small look-back is simply to remember that this year was really special when it comes to the number of higher quality themes in the WP repository both design wise and code wise.

With this being said, let me show a few of the newest themes from the repository which are definitely a step above others in the way they look.

Of course there is still room to improve, but there is no doubt that there is a huge improvement between todays and “yesterday’s” themes. Check out the ones below and let me know what you think.

Nouveau Riche

Nouveau Riche Theme A great, simple minimal theme for any purpose. The default color of links is not the best, but apart from that I like it a lot.

MH Purity

MH Purity ThemeI really like the way this theme is put together. The colors used, meaning the dominance of a light gray it gives a nice and somewhat minimal feel.


Finch ThemeFinch is the kinda theme that I always liked. Nice and spacious with great colors. I really like the typography of it, it made me realise how good the Oxigen Google font family looks.


Garfunkel ThemeThis theme is awesome. I like the typography, I like how we can navigate through the posts on the sides. Of course I don’t like these themes because of the individual features, but the overall picture, so there are other features too which come in to play.


Rams ThemeAnother nice minimalist theme from the author of the previous theme. Check out the theme demo, I think it speaks for itself.


Mantle ThemeThis is a GeneratePress child theme and basically all I can say is that it’s awesome knowing that’s free.


Exhibit ThemeAnother GeneratePress child theme worth dealing with. Among other cool features GeneratePress has markup so you can benefit from it  a lot SEO wise.

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