Put the Work In: The Long Way to the Optimal Domain Name

What distinguishes a good domain name from a bad one?

Very simple: You can remember a good name right away and enter it correctly into the browser weeks later. You read or hear a bad name and forget it immediately.

Very bad names are characterized by the fact that you don’t just forget them, but don’t even google them because the name and content have nothing to do with each other.

You’ve probably heard it hundreds of times, but new creative content appears on the web day by day, and often disappear very quickly: The best content and the best visuals are of little use to your web project if the domain name doesn’t fit.

A good domain name is a crucial element for your success on the web – so you should think about it.

As it is very important to us at Webhostingsworld that you are happy and successful with your online ventures, we have put together a checklist with the most important tips. Maybe that makes the domain name search a little bit easier …

Keep it Short

Admittedly, domains that are exact match domains reveal with comparatively few letters, what awaits you on the website. But it comes at a cost. If it includes 4-5 words it is unlikely that it becomes very popular with visitors.

Because the most important rule for a good domain name is: the shorter the better.

Obviously .com domains with good length are becoming rarer by the day. Domain names with only four, five or six characters are hard to get.
Nevertheless, your domain name should never be more than 20 characters, otherwise it is difficult to remember.

Keep it Simple

Yes, there are unusual doamin, which don’t have a meaning, but on the web are still well-known brands – such as Google. The probability of making it such a hit is not, however high.

Therefore, the simpler and more uncomplicated a domain name is, the better.

An optimal domain name can also be pronounced easily and typed easily without errors. So if possible, leave out foreign words, and in no case combine foreign words from two languages.

In addition, you should make a typing test, so you can rule out typical tip errors. Because such tip errors can be the reason why your visitors land on a different website.

We should also be cautious with abbreviations. Shortening a long name to a few characters is actually good (see point 1), but can be at the expense of the noticeability aspect.

Paint a Picture

The name of a domain characterizes the image of the page to an important extent. A professional web project needs a professional name, which fits the project and reflects what you are or what your idea is.

In principle, there are two possibilities: either you are free to think of a project name that sounds good, brief, comprehensible and still free, and which you develop into a brand (not quite easy – see point 2).

Or you choose a name that is self-describing. This can significantly increase your chances of being found online.

Because at least in the initial phase, most visitors will not come to your site right away. You will be first found mainly through search engines. And the more meaningful your domain name, the higher up you land in the result list of Google and other search engines.

Don’t Rush Things

The classic: you have a good idea. More precisely, the IDEA. And you want to act on it very quickly. This decision should be postponed until later, if everything else is in place. Otherwise you might end up registering a dozen domains, which sound good at first, or at least could somehow fit.
You can do that, but you definitely shouldn’t.

As in all other areas of life, it is usually more appropriate to use resources in a targeted way. Say: Limit yourself to a few, really good possibilities.
This is, however, anything but fast, it requires time and perseverance.

But this time you should absolutely invest in the selection process. Think about names, reject them, discuss your choices with friends / colleagues / relatives if needs to be.

What you should not forget: Don’t submit your domain candidates to a domain check site, for example. You should rather check the legal side so that you do not violate the rights of others.

Final Step: Get the Right Extension

You’ve found a good name, now just missing the appropriate domain ending.

As for the name, it also applies here: It has to fit into the project and should, of course, be reputable. Therefore the most ideal candidate is .com in our opinion.

Simply because users are accustomed to this as the most common domain extension.

I wish you every success and hope that with our tips you will find the appropriate name for your next web project.

If you’ve found your perfect domain name, check out our web hosting reviews and take your project to the next stage.

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