Reasons to Create and Manage Your Own E-mail Accounts

Let’s suppose that John Doe has a great business idea and he wants to create an online presence for this purpose. He does it, the only thing he forgets is setting up email accounts inside his cPanel or any other control panel. He uses free email services like Hotmail or Aol. What’s wrong with this approach?

Look Professional

When people come to John’s website or they get a newsletter and see a free email provider and not a, it is hard for them to take John serious. Appearance is everything in this world, this is how people judge each other, I don’t like this, but it’s just how it is. People have a different impression about John when they see an email attached to his domain. Even if John is just a start-up, managing his business straight out from his basement, his image sets him to success.

Gain Control Over Email

When John Doe has his own email accounts for his website, the sky is the limit. He can forward his email the way he wants, whenever he wants. Add as many email accounts as he likes. The only thing that can hold him back is his hosting plan, he has to make sure they allow him to set up unlimited email accounts. Of course, in reality this not unlimited, but he will probably not reach the limit.

Advanced Protection Against Spam

This is a very important point too. If his web host uses cPanel for example, he will enjoy the advanced spam filtering tools given spam free environment.

Often times I see that theses features are included in some other service or product that people have to pay for, but it is included already in cPanel more than likely, just look for it. Of course, a lot depends from a web host, but normally these are there.

Eease of access

He can access your email from anywhere or manage them locally too. Security measures are up to the owner regarding how mail can be viewed and managed.

Don’t forget

All this is good, but we should not forget completely about regular email accounts, because there are times when a server is down and trust me, no matter what web hosting service you have, there will be downtime, most of the time we don’t notice it, but we need to email in those times too.

Practice, practice, practice

At first it can overwhelming to understand and work with all the email related tools, but it’s really not difficult. After you give it a try and play around with it a little, you’ll see what’s up. You will be handling email like a pro in no time.

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