We Have tested Inmotionhosting’s Uptime and Response – Latest Statistics

The importance of uptime brings up no questions in my opinion – your  and everyone’s whole online business relies on this one factor so much, that I go for it and say it is in the top three on the importance scale.

Decent uptime or useless extras? You decide…

Because let’s be honest, do we want that Google or Bing advertising voucher or the tenth useless tool when our website is down and unreachable by clients? Which is more important? I’m going with uptime, but everyone’s taste is different :). Anyways, we have the latest monitoring data on Inmotionhosting. We have prepared the response and uptime statistics. Again, we have to thank for the fine folks at Uptimerobot.com for providing such a great service for free. Thanks again guys, you are awesome.

Response Time

Before we go further, it is important to note that server response is a very important factor of your user experience. If your website loads slow, users tend to leave more often. Google uses  this factor too to rank and determine how good a website is by inspecting bounce rate.

If your web host’s response times are bad, these might be some of the reasons behind it:

  • The server(s) are not configured properly.
  • Some web hosts overload their servers, the result is poor response time.
  • Low code quality.
  • This one is not so probable, but it can happen: the server is under attack.
Response times shown for a time period of 24 hours.

Response times shown for a time period of 24 hours.

What can we say about Inmotionhosting’s response time according to the above chart?

These response times are regarded as good. The average is around 500 milliseconds. According to Loadtestingtool.com the ideal response time is 100 milliseconds. This is the time when user experience is best. The acceptable good response time is 1 second. So as I look at the chart I can tell that this provider is around 350 milliseconds on average.

Uptime Statistics

Inmotion promises 99.9% uptime. Monitoring statistics say that this is not completely the case here, they can keep it up for shorter time periods, but when we look at a long monitor period, we see that uptime is below the promised number. There is really no reason to be scared of this, as no web hosts can completely deliver as they promise, there is always a little  difference here and there.

Uptime data with 5 minute monitor interval

Uptime data with 5 minute monitor interval

As I said above, it can be seen that they are way above 99.9% for a period of 7 days, but when we look at the 30 day interval, they are only at 99.76%, which is not bad, but it’s not what they promise in their plans.

All November Events

Below you can see all the downtime that occurred in november 2013. As we look at all time statistics, we can notice a pattern in their downtime: the duration of their downtime is usually around 3-5 minutes or when longer then 20-40 minutes. We’re just showing the November data here.

Downtime events from across a 30 day period approximately

Downtime events from across a 30 day period approximately

I don’t know about you, but these downtime data are somewhat bothering. Inmotionhosting is top rated on our website and it is rated No. 1 on many websites. We expect better performance from a web host which claims to be one of the best web hosts on the market. We will continue the monitoring process and we’ll see how they perform. For information on Inmotion read our review.

Do you have experience with Inmotionhosting? Write your own opinion and help others decide whether this is a good web host or not.

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