The AltitudePro Genesis Child Theme

AltitudeProThe majority of us who use WordPress as the base of our websites heard about the Genesis Framework.

It is one of the most used, most popular WP frameworks on the market.

They are not known for having breathtaking designs, but to be lightning fast, secure, simple to use, SEO friendly and versatile.

Stuck in the past designs?

I will be honest here. For quite some time I thought that Genesis child themes are not worth their prices, simply because they did not bring anything exceptional to the table – especially when it comes to design, they were behind others big time.

The only exception would be for developers, they love it, they can benefit more from it.

The shift

The first design that I liked for Genesis was the Metro child theme. Soon after it, Genesis 2.0 came out. This resulted in new versions of the majority of child themes too.

This brought new designs.

While there was definitely a level above what we have seen before, these new designs were not something that I would call “hot”.

In fact, for me personally they just starting to catch up, and the AltitudePro child theme is the first stepping stone in this challenge.

What’s special about AltitudePro?

If you check out the child theme, you will see that it really looks good. At least, the homepage.

I mention this because the same happened with the ParallaxPro child theme: the homepage looked great, but the individual pages/post were not at all. It was a major disappointment for me. Individual articles/pages look better on this theme though.

We can see that there is a new tendency to have one column layouts, which I have nothing against, because it serves the user experience in some cases. Not always however.

Beyond Genesis

We can see major changes in designs and in the organization itself – Lauren Mancke is the head of Studiopress currently as the successor of Brian Gardner.

She was the creative director for a while and we saw her effect on the newer designs, and I think that they are on the right path.

It seems to me however like they are taking it really slow, step by step incorporating new design features into their themes, pushing it a little further with every release.

I’m still waiting to see a commercial child theme for the Genesis Framework that satisfies my design expectations.

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