WebMan Design: A New Place For Quality WordPress Themes

WebManDesign is a relatively new place for WordPress themes. I first heard of it about a year ago mentioned in an article on WPTavern.

Talking about differences between WordPress themes has its place when it comes to going online, and this does not only refer to the appearance of the theme. There is much more to it.

Highly Integrated WordPress Themes

One of the reasons why I like WebManDesign’s themes is because of the method they are created. Well written and documented code and smart structure will make sure that the theme doesn’t break when a new WP version comes out, plus it  ensures that themes performance is on top.

Minimal Approach To The Fire

What I mean by good and smart structure? By these I mean that the theme is not bloated, so we don’t have unecessary features, like fancy sliders and 100+ shortcodes.

That is really out of the line if you ask me. Theme creators who focus on these features can use these to sell more themes to the unexperienced users, the newbies. Because in general our focus is on the appearance and we forget everything else.

People who are a little more experienced know that this should not be their main focus. Or should I say, it should be the focus, but emphasis needs to be shifted towards the other end of the spectrum: minimalism.

Minimalist themes not only look better, but they are faster and there is a smaller chance to having errors and it actually improves the user experience. Our current attention span is very low, so we don’t need too many entertaining and shiny focus draining features.

Success Leaves Clues Just Follow It

We want to serve the content to the visitor, that’s our main concern, and we want to serve it in a way that they can consume it best: making sure that the content loads fast, it is highly available, it is easy to read and provides great information. That’s it.

You can see that I’m really biased towards minimalism, but that stuff just works, because if we look around, we can see that that’s actually what the big players do, so we just have to follow them.

The themes that WebMan are a great example of allowing the above to happen. Some of them are for free, and some are paid ones.

The free themes are as awesome as the paid ones, with minor differences, so I highly recommend that if you are on a budget, and you need a great WP theme, check out WebManDesign.eu (I am not affiliated with with WebMan).

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