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I would like start this article by stating that in many ways I don’t like ranking tables. One reason for this is that they can be missleading and they don’t offer much information.

The other reason is that there are rankings on almost every web hosting related website and we don’t want to be just like the other website, we want to create something of our own.

For the most part we have done that, by approaching the whole process with a new yet traditional way: sticking to the good old blog format, making WHW the Web Hosting Blog.

Although on some of our pages, (like our shared hosting one) providers are introduced in a linear fashion, thus giving the impression of a ranking, this is not necessarily the case it’s just that it’s hard to put it in another way.

Despite the fact that I don’t prefer them generally, if someone would come up to me and put a gun to my head asking to name some of the best hosts I know, hypothetically speaking of course, these are the three that I would tell him.

I could put here a few more, but I feel like these three are the ones that according to my knowledge I can recommend with peace of mind. Will you meet lousy service with the above without a doubt outstanding web hosts on the market? Absolutely yes.

As I said above, rankings can be tricky because psychologically we assume that the best ranked are the perfect providers with no gap to be found. But the reality is different.

It’s an open secret especially for those who have already been on WHW, that there is no such thing as an overall best web host.

These things are created by humans for humans and this will lead to imperfection. A lot of times, and I mean this in the best way, web hosts are not responsible for the bad that happens with a client, and the client will have a bad experience and will blame the hosting provider anyways. Not because he is mean, but because this is how he or she perceives and experiences the whole thing. And there is nothing wrong with this, it’s natural.

The source of the problem can be traced back to the client. A typical case for this, and I’ve heard about several of these cases is when clients store data that is not related to their websites on their cheap hosting accounts in massive amounts: personal videos, files, pictures – but this is not Google Drive.

Web hosts clearly state in their terms that this is not allowed and accounts who pursue this will get suspended. And when it happens, we blame them because we wear subjective glasses. But there is another side of the coin, that they have to maintain a service for hundreds of thousands of other websites properly, and this is why the rules of the game are layed down.

Of course there are instances when it’s clear that the provider is the source of the problem, I’m just saying that a significant part comes from clients.

So this is kinda related to the main topic of this post, but I think that these are things that we have to be aware of before we aqcuire a hosting service – they are the top ranked, but they are not perfect, they can’t be.

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