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The Impact of Gutenberg on the WordPress Theme Ecosystem

Gutenberg is supposed to be the new way we can edit and present WordPress themes and content. I’ve read several opinions, and as with any significant change, some are afraid of it, others welcome it. From what I’ve seen, there are both pros and cons which I would like to elaborate on briefly, but only […] Read More

What Can the Genesis Framework Do For You?

The Genesis Framework is a premium WordPress theme that allows users to enjoy all the benefits of WordPress as a platform, with an emphasis on security, performance, and effectiveness. It probably has the largest user base among premium WP themes. There are many reasons for this, and one of these is that it’s almost as […] Read More

Small Businesses – Why Choose Managed Cloud Hosting Over Unmanaged

Photo credit to: /The photo is modified./License for the modified version./ Cloud computing is becoming more and more widespread since companies have realised that this is the right way to go in order to save money and make things simple. Making the decision to use cloud computing is only the entrance step but there are […] Read More

How to Cure Slow Websites

A website’s speed can affect many different areas of the site. You will only experience the slowness, but there is much more to that. 1. If you’re running a business, you will lose potential customers, which we know means losing money. 2. A slow website will not rank as good, as a fast one. Google […] Read More

First Site with WordPress

This topic should be discussed because of many reasons. One is that once you start using one platform you will probably stay with that, so you have to think it through before making a decision. Every technology has it’s advantages and disadvantages, whether it’s a blogging system, a full content management system or just a script. Negatives […] Read More

Get Your Site Indexed

You’re done. You have web host, your site is created, but what now? Every website’s aim is (or should be) to get traffic. Why else would it be there? So dear web master, the life of your website is in your hands. If you want your site to be found by people, you have to get it indexed. For that reason, let me talk about how indexing works. They say […] Read More