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How to add a logo image to Twenty Fourteen

For quite some time we were using a customized version of the Twenty Fourteen WordPress theme here on WHW and despite the fact that it is a really awesome theme that I’m excited about since they first announced it, as you may or may not know, it does not have a solution to add a […] Read More

Free Web Hosting Market-wide: Will it Happen?

Many of the big thinkers of our times e. g. Chris Anderson think that anything that hits the web, will ultimately become free.  While this may sound strange at first, it has a lot of background. For one, there is Moore’s-law, which states that: ..over the history of computing hardware, the number of transistors on […] Read More

Restoring an HTML Based Site with No Backup

Let’s start with a scenario: You wake one day and you see the horror of horrors; your site has been hacked. What can you do assuming that you don’t have a backup? Well, there’s really no need to be worried about. The situation can actually be resolved pretty fast. As the title says, we are […] Read More

“Lean” WordPress Themes for Cheap Hosting

Am I too cheap? There is really nothing wrong with having cheap hosting, it is totally understandable and most of the time logical. If a website doesn’t require too much resources, shared (cheap/value) hosting will do the job, pretty straightforward. The other option is when you’re running on a low-budget or you just don’t want […] Read More

Reasons to Create and Manage Your Own E-mail Accounts

Let’s suppose that John Doe has a great business idea and he wants to create an online presence for this purpose. He does it, the only thing he forgets is setting up email accounts inside his cPanel or any other control panel. He uses free email services like Hotmail or Aol. What’s wrong with this […] Read More

Cheaper Doesn’t Necessarily Mean Worse

In general, we buy some product or service, we tend to believe that the more expensive it is, the better quality. Of course this applies to web hosting too, it’s just another service. This couldn’t be farther from the truth. Yes, a lot of times this is the case, but if we dig a little […] Read More

Christmas is Coming and Servers are Still Up and Running: an A2hosting Uptime and Response Time Report

Reading about web hosting is not so much fun as reading gossip or other entertaining material, but writing is fun, of course only if we like what we’re doing. And I gotta say, I like what I do, I love blogging, sharing ideas and doing research to clarify something that people cannot find anywhere else, […] Read More

We Have tested Inmotionhosting’s Uptime and Response – Latest Statistics

The importance of uptime brings up no questions in my opinion – your  and everyone’s whole online business relies on this one factor so much, that I go for it and say it is in the top three on the importance scale. Decent uptime or useless extras? You decide… Because let’s be honest, do we […] Read More

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