Dedicated Server Hosting

This is the most advanced way to host your website, consequently it has the most ability to customize the account – like the OS, software to be installed, and in addition configure hardware.

Some of the above actions can be performed on virtual private servers too, but not to a degree as here.

We do not share anything from our server, it is a physically independent server. Just like in the case of VPS hosting, here too we get dedicated IP addresses with the account.

It has to be said that most of the time, websites get along just fine on VPS if they were sitting on shared hosting before, there is no need to do such a drastic upgrade.

This will save you a lot of money, as for a dedicated server we have to pay way above $100, while ve can get a VPS for $15 (managed around $50).

 What are some other reasons why I should consider getting a dedicated server?

We already pointed out why it is beneficial to have our own server. Now, we will discuss one more important thing, which we already covered in case of shared hosting as well, and that is neighborhood.

We refer to the websites that reside on the same server as you site, and they probably have the same IP address. Why is this so important? Because a bad neighborhood can mess up things, really bad.

Because of the same IP address, if a neighbor website does spam or runs scripts that are not regarded as legal, the site is getting banned from many places, but the same thing can happen to your site thanks to their activity.

If the IP address will be flagged as spam, then similar things can happen.

Your search engine rankings will suffer too. No matter how good your site is, how bad you have worked on it in good ways, if a neighbor site is blacklisted on the search engines, this will have a negative impact on yours too.

With dedicated servers all this uncertainty will be eliminated from the equation.


The below web hosts are highly recommended to work with because:

  • They have excellent support
  • High reliability
  • Lots of useful  features
  • Money back guarantees that actually work
  • and more

You can learn more by checking out their reviews below.

  1. SiteGround
  2. A2hosting
  3. InMotionhosting
  4. IPage
  5. BlueHost