Current disclosure is intended to disclose material, license and author connections between this website and the products, services and intellectual property (mainly images, code) found on it that we may use.

Fact: we use affiliate links on this website.

What this means to you?

It means that if you purchase a product or service by clicking on a link on our website, we receive a commission, of course, with no cost from your side whatsoever.

Things to note

We never recommend a service or product that we would not use. There are services and providers which are not that good, but that is clearly stated in the respective reviews of those hosts.

The background

Writing articles, doing research costs time and work. If it is a review post, then it costs even more time, and in some cases money.

How does it costs money?

Well, when there is no other way to get real data about a web host that we have not tried before, we have to buy their service to test it.

We also spent (we found a free service that does basically the same job) money to measure their uptime and we have to pay for the hosting of our own website. So If we add up all the money that goes out and comes in, we hardly get a positive balance.

Why we are different?

We are transparent, as you can see. Most web hosting review sites try to trick visitors and promise them coupons or sales, just to get the visitor to click on their affiliate link, and hopefully buy the service. You will not see something like this with us.

You will find advertisments, just like Google shows relevant ads next to their searches, but we’re not trying to trick you.

Also, in the content you might find links pointing to providers – you should know that most of the time those are affiliate links.

There are many dishonest, low quality web hosting review sites on the web because of the finances involved. They don’t do real research. They don’t disclose that they are affiliates, they try to hide that, so people don’t think they are biased.

If they don’t tell the truth about their intentions, it means their reviews are fake too, so take every statement with precautions, not just in web hosting, but everywhere.

So all in all, one thing I can truly say is that I am not making a killing with aff. links, there is a large number of useless hosting review sites, where customers are being tricked and they are not successful in creating a strong online presence. Their first experience becomes a nightmare, they will never become successful online. This is what we want to change, because you want to win right?

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