Free Web Hosting

There are some free opportunities to get web hosting, but we should know a couple of things about these services in advance.

 Security issues

The first and probably the most important thing is that the security level of these packages is very bad. I have tested one of the most serious looking solutions, or probably the most serious one, and I have to say that the experience was pretty bad.

The service was Hostzillas (now 247Zilaa) Free Cloud Hosting Plan. Over the course of six months, I had three sites on my accounts (I created two accounts).

This plan is unique in the way that it offers everything what can be found in the premium solution, except that the storage space is limited to 100 MBs and of course the sites reside on free servers.

What I’ve found is that although it seems really charming, it is not worth trying it, as it was quite slow after about two months and all of the three sites were hacked several times.

I have managed a several websites in recent years, and I have never been hacked before or after.

Of course, they provide this opportunity to try out the service, but they do not conclude that this is a trial plan for just a limited time period. To me, it seemed like it was. I do not want to accuse anyone, but it looked like in the first or maybe two months, I did not have any troubles.

After that came all the hacks and other issues. It was like, they were trying to persuade me to either leave or upgrade to the paid, premium service.

But again, I am not sure about what was really going on, I’m not accusing anybody, this is just an opinion.

In the end, after I made several security steps I took off two of the sites, and left only one. Now, I was quite sure this site cannot be hacked with the methods they used before. After about two weeks, that site just disappeared. Only an error message appeared when I visited it. After that I abandoned that project and declared as a no good solution.

 Community or no support at all

With this plan I tested their support, which is good that they have, regarding that it is free. Other free plans don’t have support service, only community support. But again, support is limited too. At this particular company they pay so much attention to security, that when I was editing the site and visited it many times a day, my IP address got banned. Yet, I still got those hacks.

IPs can get banned, and after that blacklisted. I contacted support to check out why I can not connect to my site, and they enlightened me why. I asked them to check my IP if it is blacklisted, and the response was, that this option is only available for paid customers.

So really, the overall impression is that the service is barely usable, what is more, terrible.

I have tested other free web hosts too, but I have to say that it is not worth going with them.

Most of them were limited in different ways (e.g. you are not allowed to use plugins with your WordPress site, which results an instant no-no), some of them had bad (unknown) control panels and it takes nearly a week to get approved.

Some of these providers are very shameless and offer you things that will not be there after you sign up.

Some more secure opportunities for personal websites

You probably heard about Blogger and Google Sites. These can be good solutions for your blogging needs or starting some kind of personal site.

Although these are regarded more safe, they are limited in many ways (100 MB storage space, must use provided themes with Google Sites, no shopping carts, limited use of php coding) there are no real customization options, unless you are good in creating websites and coding.

Still, there is no support to contact and resources are quite limited. This is why it is not advised to use these for business sites or with any site that you want to look professional and serious.

But again, for personal purposes these can be used in good ways.

There are some hosts that have free hosting too, but due to bad experience we had we  do not recommend using them.