Green Web Hosting

Green hosting is quite a popular hosting type in the last few years, as web hosts realized that customers care about the environment more and more.

The difference between green web hosting over traditional hosting, is in the fact that web hosts who provide a service tagged as green are buying renewable energy certificates for every unit of energy used.

If you see somewhere that a host is 100% green, that means that they buy as much renewable energy certificates as much energy they use. If you see that a host is 300% green, that means that they buy three times as much renewable energy certificates as the energy used.

In other words, for every unit of energy used they buy three units of renewable energy certificates. I hope this makes sense.

The above process is only a general way of being a green web host, but there are other ways too. For example, you can find web hosts that are regarded somewhat green because their data center is energy efficient (e.g. servers), or they utilize alternative energy (wind, solar).

Some hosts go even further and they have a tree planting programme with/or educational relations. You can generally find out how your chosen green web host tries to protect the environment from their websites, if not, I suggest you get in touch with them to learn more.

If you look around on our website you will see that most of the green web hosts offer shared web hosting, which is most of us need, but if you need more advanced green service, you can some of those too, but it’s not that common.

Green Hosting Buying Advice

When you spot a green web host for the first time, it is good to be cautious. The reason for this is very simple. Some providers use this as a marketing trick, and they don’t really do much about it.

You should look around and find out about it’s environmental policies. However, web hosts here at that are labeled as green, are already reviewed.