Managed Hosting

Simply put managed web hosting refers to a service in which the customer’s dedicated server (or virtual dedicated server – VDS, also known as VPS) is managed by the web hosting provider.

If we think about it, shared web hosting is managed too in a way, we don’t deal with technical tasks, but we use the “dedicated hosting” expression to describe that the dedicated server is managed by the host.

Why is this important?

As you may or may not know, dedicated web hosting is for bigger websites which require lots of resources, so for example a bigger business website. If the customer doesn’t have the time, knowledge  or the will to handle the management of the dedicated server (security-wise, installing tools, monitoring and so on), the company will  do it.

So managed dedicated web hosting makes the process less complicated and cheaper, because there  is no need for staff which deals with this – here is no additional administration, employees, costs.

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Who is this service suitable for?

For anyone looking for a hosting service that requires dedicated servers (hence a big amount of disk space,bandwidth, performance) while not wanting to deal with the server side management tasks.

Obviously there are many providers with a similar service, but it is wise to stick with the well known, high quality hosts, we can never go wrong with these.