Design Changes and Major Improvements Coming

Lately we have made some minor design changes, but that’s not the most important change. On our homepage we added our top recommended web hosts in the form of a table with some of their important features. This helps folks to be able to compare the best hosts according to us and read those reviews […] Read More

How to Carry Out a WordPress Update

Obviously this is for the complete beginner, but here it goes. Updating WordPress is basically an automated process. While the user (you) has to start it with a few clicks, after that everything happens on its own. The Update Process Log in to your WordPress powered website. Then maneuver to the Dashboard in the left […] Read More

Newest & Hottest WordPress Free Themes From the WP Repository

The WordPress theme repository evolves fast. It becomes the place I always wanted it to be – where no matter how much coding (or how little) we know, we can create a fairly good-looking and functioning WordPress based website. In my mind the first real hit is this year. When I first heard that the […] Read More

DIYThemes Did it Again

I know that when Thesis 2.0 came out a lot of people didn’t understand the new system that good and there was big disappointment. What’s more, clients who bought the highest membership didn’t get the skins they were supposed to get for a long time. In my opinion the launch was a little too early, […] Read More

Honest Opinion About the WP Reviews Plugin

I don’t want to make this post long so I’ll stick to the point. We got an email asking about what review plugin do we use on this website and what’s our opinion about it? We use the WP Reviews plugin on this site for quite some time now.  Honestly and bluntly said, there’s nothing […] Read More

How to add a logo image to Twenty Fourteen

For quite some time we were using a customized version of the Twenty Fourteen WordPress theme here on WHW and despite the fact that it is a really awesome theme that I’m excited about since they first announced it, as you may or may not know, it does not have a solution to add a […] Read More

Free Web Hosting Market-wide: Will it Happen?

Many of the big thinkers of our times e. g. Chris Anderson think that anything that hits the web, will ultimately become free.  While this may sound strange at first, it has a lot of background. For one, there is Moore’s-law, which states that: ..over the history of computing hardware, the number of transistors on […] Read More

Restoring an HTML Based Site with No Backup

Let’s start with a scenario: You wake one day and you see the horror of horrors; your site has been hacked. What can you do assuming that you don’t have a backup? Well, there’s really no need to be worried about. The situation can actually be resolved pretty fast. As the title says, we are […] Read More

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