We Have tested Inmotionhosting’s Uptime and Response – Latest Statistics

The importance of uptime brings up no questions in my opinion – your  and everyone’s whole online business relies on this one factor so much, that I go for it and say it is in the top three on the importance scale. Decent uptime or useless extras? You decide… Because let’s be honest, do we […] Read More

Small Businesses – Why Choose Managed Cloud Hosting Over Unmanaged

Photo credit to: www.sidewages.com /The photo is modified./License for the modified version./ Cloud computing is becoming more and more widespread since companies have realised that this is the right way to go in order to save money and make things simple. Making the decision to use cloud computing is only the entrance step but there are […] Read More

How to Cure Slow Websites

A website’s speed can affect many different areas of the site. You will only experience the slowness, but there is much more to that. 1. If you’re running a business, you will lose potential customers, which we know means losing money. 2. A slow website will not rank as good, as a fast one. Google […] Read More

How to Do a Fast SEO Audit

Want to do a fast SEO audit on your site? Here’s how to do it in less than 20 minutes […] Read More

Where your site resides

Reading is one thing, seeing is another. For some people seeing things makes the learning and understadning process easier. The below infographic will help you understand and visualise the way differerent web hosting types work. Infograhic brought to you by: InMotion Hosting – Types of Web Hosting Plans […] Read More

First Site with WordPress

This topic should be discussed because of many reasons. One is that once you start using one platform you will probably stay with that, so you have to think it through before making a decision. Every technology has it’s advantages and disadvantages, whether it’s a blogging system, a full content management system or just a script. Negatives […] Read More

Get Your Site Indexed

You’re done. You have web host, your site is created, but what now? Every website’s aim is (or should be) to get traffic. Why else would it be there? So dear web master, the life of your website is in your hands. If you want your site to be found by people, you have to get it indexed. For that reason, let me talk about how indexing works. They say […] Read More


1996 is the year Bluehost started providing hosting services, so we can say that they are one of the oldest players in the field of web hosting. Being around for such a long time makes me think that they offer something of great value. Let’s see what what we are dealing with here. Anyone who reads a […] Read More

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