Like any website, there is a number of software behind the simple apperance.

If you would like to use any of these, now you will get the chance to do so.

Our web host is A2 Hosting, running on their Swift plan. This is basically their most basic shared plan, the only upgrade is that the number of domains is not limited to one. Still, the site does good on performance tests and the user experience is not bad.

The “engine” behind the site is of course WordPress and this is the platform that we recommend to create websites on.

When it comes to themes or templates, call it however we want it we’re using the Thesis theme by DIY Themes. Thesis was a popular framework for WordPress but lost some of the edge after a completely new version of it came out, version 2.0.

According to many, this is because people didn’t understand the new system and they decided to move to other themes as a consequence. I tend to agree with this as indeed there is stuff to learn about Thesis but I also believe that it is miles ahead of other themes in terms of performance and flexibility. So the little time invested to understand it will pay back many folds.

Plugins used

We already have an article on WPRocket where we praise this piece of software for all that it is. Among the caching plugins we’ve ever tried, the best.

We also use the Authorherview plugin free version. There is a premium version with great features, but to be honest I’ve found that being the great plugin that it is, requires much more performance than shared servers can provide in order for the site to stay fast.

But if you’re running at least on a VPS go for it by all means.