1996 is the year Bluehost started providing hosting services, so we can say that they are one of the oldest players in the field of web hosting. Being around for such a long time makes me think that they offer something of great value. Let’s see what what we are dealing with here.

Anyone who reads a review has a dilemma regarding that host, because obviously money is on stake, and we don’t print money. As we look deeper into this host’s package we can see that overall, they have a very stable service built up and they are able to keep the promises pointed out on their website.

Every web host’s aim is to convince the potential buyer that they are the company to deal with, so the promises are one thing, and what they can deliver is another one.

There is really nothing bad behind all this, because in reality these companies really try to make things happen as they promise.

Problems can arise in the case of the best web host too. The difference between the best and the average is how they manage these issues. This is especially true in the case of cheap web hosts, and as such Bleuhost too.

One good thing is that this company has already proved itself, they are a well known, established company. You have to keep an eye on upcoming providers,  you get into a lot of hassles with them.

What you get from this provider: you can host unlimited sites, register domains, decent customer support, auto installing scripts (like WordPress, Drupal, Joomla) and backups.

Also, one can set up an unlimited number of emails to every domain name hosted with them. In case you want to start an e-commerce site, they provide SSL to make things secure.

Support Material and Service

A large quantity of content is available to (video and written content)  help you create your website or to help you successfully overcome issues that may arise in the process.

If you are not the do it yourself type a person or cannot resolve it by yourself, just contact suport, and they’ll gladly help you out.


It should be noted that they have a great overall reputation across many countries.

Their customer base increases with 20.000 new customers every month and they already give home to millions of domains.


If you watched the video in this post, you can see that they are really dedicated to become better and better in every field possible.

This makes them attractive and successful – it should be listed in the top shared companies, that’s why it is in the group of the top 5 recommended hosts according to Their servers are top notch, guaranteeing speed and reliability at the same time.

Ideal to Run a Blog

I should point out that Bluehost is recommended by This is a free software that is used by millions and millions of website owners because of it’s simple yet powerful features. If you want to learn more about this great piece of software, just Google it.

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