Greengeeks Review – Technically Solid Web Host with Shady Domain Policy?

Greengeeks as the the name implies is a green web host and green web hosting is a great direction although I see a slight misunderstanding around the concept, but hopefully after this review, things will become clearer.

What is Green Web Hosting?

There is a number of activities that contribute to green hosting, but probably the most important thing is “Renewable Energy Certificates”.

Companies buy these and so the energy amount that they use is produced from environmentally friendly sources (like wind energy, solar energy).

Greengeeks is known to provide 300% green hosting. This only means that they buy three times more Renewable Energy Certificates that they actually use.

There are other ways how a company can behave green, like helping to  reproduce plants on Earth (trees) and waste by recycling waste, thus not using new raw materials, through which we put more stress on our little planet.

As we can see, this company is not the ordinary green web host, they have more to put on the table.

It’s not enough to run data centers on green energy, but they have a message to all other companies and to the world – without compromising their services, they do  a very respectful activity which is important to many environmentally conscious customers.

I personally would feel a lot better if I knew that I’m actually part of the solution to solving the problems that we have created for ourselves, and we have to face them more and more as time goes on.

The Hosting Features

Unlimited data transfer and disk space is granted for every customer.

Besides that we can host unlimited sites on our account, unlimited e-mail accounts with e-mail auto responder, unlimited MySQL databases, free domain name* for the whole time you are hosting with them, advertising credits, free site transfer and site builder with tons of beautifully designed templates.

They also have a 30 day trial period, during which one can get his/her money back. 99.9% uptime is guaranteed with no hidden costs.

Sometimes they have offers and by using the coupon codes provided, one can save a few bucks.

They have more than 150 self installing scripts, so you can be sure you’ll find the one you’re looking for.

Inside their plan there is a marketing package included with search engine submission to help you promote your site.

There are also a lot of e-commerce features like SSL Secure Server, Zencart, Agoracart, OS Commerce Shopping Cart, different directories with password protection.

An interesting feature of Greengeeks is Custom Cronjobs.

It might not say much for those who don’t know what is this for, but those who need it, appreciate this feature.

In my experience, generally we can say that web hosts with cPanel have this feature, while hosts with vDeck don’t. So, Ipage for example doesn’t have this.

If we’re here, let me tell you what are CronJobs in a few words. In a nutshell, Cron Jobs allows you to schedule tasks.  These tasks can include shell-scripts or commands.

They also offer free site migration service, so if you’re thinking about getting a new web host, Greengeeks will help you in making a the switch.

Free Domain Name

I have to say I don’t like the way they provide their free domain.

While I was doing research on them  I’ve found out that they don’t give access to the domain itself. You can use it, but you are not the real owner, so when you decide to leave them for example, you will have to pay for the domain.

And since that’s already an established domain, depending from your work of course, you might even have to pay in the range of hundreds.

So I’d say not to use their free domain for a site that is a priority site for you, but get your domain name from a third-party place and adjust name servers, because as I said, technically they are really great, reliable and very green, but this is a serious issue in my view.

It could be great for political or seasonal websites for a limited time period though. Keep this in mind.

GreenGeeks Provides Reseller Hosting Too

Are you thinking about trying your hand as a web hosting company owner? With Greengeeks you can do it. They provide several packages with different capacity to fit customer needs.

You can go from 10 resold plans all the way to 250 accounts.

To ease your work you get a free billing system, free eNom account, free site builder, free control panel migration and of course great support.

Check out what a Greengeeks customer says about Greengeeks’s reseller service.

You can get you reseller plan at Greengeeks for one cent for the first month.

More Advanced Hosting

They also provide VPS hosting for those who require more resources, performance and control over their hosting service.

A good point to these packages is that they are not oversold, so websites hosted on these are not slow and have enough performance.

Of course the above mentioned features are included with these plans too.

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