Hostgator Review – Key Facts About Their Service

HostGator is a web hosting company based in  Houston, Texas. Originally, it was started in the year 2002 in Florida, but due to the high demand the company faced later, they moved to Texas. The results speak for themselves – from a small business they have become one of the biggest international web hosts.

They host more than 9.000.000 domains and have hundreds of thousands of customers internationally. Just to compare how big they are doing it, Myhosting for example, has over 60.000 customers internationally at the time of this writing, and they are not a small web hosting company.


When you step in the doors of Hostgator, you just know that you’re not dealing with the average web host. Simply by looking at the number of plans tells that they care about their customers and their needs.

I’ve counted twelve plans – some plans refer to same hosting type (e.g. reseller hosting), but with different resources and consequently prices. Three of these plans are shared hosting plans, but there are VPS plans and dedicated servers with the already mentioned reseller plans.


If we look around on the web searching for web hosting we can come across a lot of very cheap Indian web host start-ups.

This is no coincidence  as HostGator has an Indian branch and their reasonably priced re-seller plans allow people to start web hosting companies.

Small businesses are very important, but I don’t recommend using Indian start-up web hosts, I have a pretty bad experience with them. So just stick to the well-known quality.

They also ave an office in Brazil, and if we think about it, they need these offices to be able to create a smooth service. Apart from the fact that Indian and Brazilian workforce is cheaper, they need to have offices around the world because they are such a big company – they are present in 200 countries.

Ancient Rome’s biggest problem was that the empire was too wast, and it was too centralized, yet communication was slow – Rome was just a small city-state at first, the system was designed for an enormous empire.

Their inability to adapt caused their fall.

Of course, this cannot happen in today’s environment, companies are global, we have fast communication and good specialists who lead the pack in the right way.

The Negative

There is a negative aspect to this though – their customer service is, and especially support is Indian – like with so many web hosts. Some providers look at this aspect as a serious differentiator on the market and they don’t outsource their service to Indian or any other eastern country where they have to pay lower wages.

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