Inmotion Hosting Review – Liked It From The First Time

I wanted to conduct an Inmotion hosting review for a long time as I heard really good things about it.

First impressions last a long time they say, and while this is not always true I can say that my first experience with these guys was indeed positive. 

The “Toyota of Web Hosting”

They seem to be very flexible with their services as there is a variety of hosting packages so that we can start the type of website that we want. So lottery winner or on a budget, we can get online. Yet it is still Inmotion hosting. It’s like Toyota among the cars – reliable and good value for money.

inmotion hosting review But of course I don’t base business decisions on reputation and first impressions – for something that we pay on a regular basis I want to make sure I get something of equal value, and I’m sure a lot of you would agree with me on this.

So one right way to approach it would be to take to a test drive, of course without ties. This can be done as with most internationally operating web hosts they have a 30 day money back guarantee so basically we have the chance to decide whether we like it or not.

Money Back Guarantee Conditions

I had concerns in the beginning regarding these money back guarantees, it just sounds too good. But as I learned later my fears were false and they give back the money indeed.

Of course there are some special situations where we don’t get back the full amount. These include:

If you got a free domain from them also with your hosting then obviously they will deduct the price of the domain if you decide to leave them and take the domain with you to another host. So free domains are generally free until you stay with them.

I’m not saying this because I know you will leave Inmotion, as a matter effect I’m more convinced that if you give them a try you’ll stay with them. I’m saying this because I want to prepare for every situation and I want you to know these things.

The Human Factor

The hosting industry is getting more and more saturated, so service providers are trying to come up with features that differentiate them from the rest of the market. This is a general phenomenon in all industries I’d say, but in hosting is becoming harder by the day to accomplish this as if one provider comes up with something soon enough others will follow.

But there’s one thing that they can’t emulate – the human factor. Every organization is built on people. This is very important, at least as important as the product or service itself.

The experience that the customer has with a representative of the service provider is crucial apart from the service. Inmotion seems to do a great job in hiring the right people for the right roles.

From my interactions with them they come off as flexible team from top to bottom.

Again, I’d like to stress that this is my experience and someone else might have a different experience with them.

Diversify Your Sources

That’s why I always advise to get information from several sources, don’t believe me, don’t believe the next website that you check. But if I’m just partly right, Inmotion is still among the best web hosts.

Let’s go through on some of the main technical aspects that are sensible to cover.

Hosting Industry Pioneers?

So the answer to the above question is actually quite straightforward if we dig a little deeper. I remember a few years ago when it was not so popular as it is now for web hosts to offer Swift Servers and Speed Zones to enhance their services. InMotionHosting was already doing it, it was dominating in a sense.

Now if we look around we see that more and more providers are trying to carve out a unique place on the market for themselves utilizing techniques related to the above mentioned.

Of course there is nothing wrong with this, but with this in mind, we tend to get to the legitimate question of whether Inmotion is competitive now? What’s the current situation?

This is an important question because in technology one year can equal 5 years in another industry, it simply develops so fast. So it might be that a web host was dominant 5 years ago having a competitive advantage in some areas, and 5 years later it’s just standard, or what’s worse, is lagging.

Controversial Because I Made Errors

This review was first written in late 2013, and back then I did some testing on how certain web hosts performed, uptime and speed wise.

To my surprise (and horror) InMotion was not performing the way it should have been. So I used those data in that version of this article, and it turned out to be a rather negative opinion filled with doubts.

But as I mentioned, in technology thing change fast, that is why I regurarly update my reviews with the new info. Well, at least I try.

I made some errors though when I did that testing. I wasn’t testing a client website, but their official site, and with many web hosts their own website is not on the same server as their clients sites.

The other one of my shortcomings was that it was around the time when Inmotion changed their website from their old design, so it might have been that this play a role in the fact that there were longer and more frequent downtimes than I awaited.

Pricing Hasn’t Changed A Lot

In fact, prices haven’t changed anything. They are the same as they were two years ago.

If you check out the two images below, one from 2013 and one from 2015 you will see that the price of the first plan has changed a bit, but only to the eye.

The background to this is that they have upgraded every one of their plans so that now every package comes with SSDs. And SSDs are awesome.


Because they can multiply the speed of a website. SSD servers don’t have moving parts in them so they perform many times better than traditional servers.

Inmotion Provides Free Solid State Drives with every hosting plan

Let’s be honest, prices are one of the most important factors for the majority of us.

But I learned that it’s not the price that we should focus on, that doesn’t necessarily offer the right information – it’s the value we should look on.

Now from that standpoint, InMotion stands out because SSDs are not a standard for every web host, actually there are only a small percentage of them at the moment which includes them without any additional fee.

Tip: to get ahead of your competition, choose a web hosting plan that offers SSDs. Studies show that users stay longer on faster websites. Also, page speed is a ranking factor in search engines too, so you will definitely enjoy massive benefits. InMotion includes it for free, create a lightning fast website today!

Max Speed Zone – US Clients In Advantage

With Max Speed Zones based on Multiple Data Centers, you can use the closest one to your area. This can prove crucial to how a website is perfoming – if your place and your visitor’s place is closer to the data center where your website is located, the user experience will be better, faster.

Below I’ll give you a little bit of insight on how this works.


Inmotionhosting has two data centers as you can see, so depending from where a customer is from, the one closer will be used. The eastern data center for N. America, Europe, Africa, South America. The western for Australia, Asia, South Pacific and of course N. America

Another way of Inmotion speeding up websites is done by peering. Basically this allows the connection to be direct between servers. They’ve done this by teaming up with major ISP’s and peering exchanges.

You can see the basic scheme of how it works below.

Scheme of Peering - Direct Data Connections

Scheme of Peering – Direct Data Connections

Thought Experiment – A Happy Ending Story

Ok, let’s suppose that a friend of mine asks me to tell him or her if I’d consider InMotion a contender for a decent web presence, I would point out these:

  • In my opinion InMotion will not only provide the right tools to have a decent web presence, but a strong one with features that your competition have to pay for.
  • They support the top Open Source software and community making it easier to get online with less investment yet high quality.
  • Top of the line technology – I think this is one of the strongest points: they invest seriously in their technology, all their data centers are Category A, PCI compliant with 99.99% uptime and a definitely not average 90 day money back guarantee. The general is 30 days.
  • And lastly, they are there for you in the long run. A lot of web hosts don’t offer the opportunity to host websites on the whole spectrum – from the smallest personal blog to the large enterprise site. Here we can do this, without having to leave them when sites get bigger.

But as I always say, you should read other reviews too, there’s plenty on the web, see other people’s opinion. But as far as my current opinion goes, if I’m just half right, you would still say it was a great choice.

See which plans might fit your needs, visit InMotionHosting.

Support Seems To Be Up To Par

It’s really hard to speak about support in web hosting generally, and unfortunately most if not all web hosting review sites commit a common error when it comes to testing how fast is the response time i.e. how much time does a client has to wait before a specialist  comes to the other end of the line.

This is a very important point because if in a case of emergency we have to wait 15 minutes for example, it can mean a lot. And in reality, there is no perfect web host. Sooner or later you will have to contact them. So ideally, we have to strive to minimize this time.

What I mean by this ‘error’ is that we have to make a difference between two types of support: the general (sales) support and the technical support.

Now if you are not a registered customer you will not be able to test the real stuff in most cases, and testing sales response times is not really informational – because obviously every hosting provider tries to respond fast to sales inquiries because they want to make as many sales as possible.

An interesting fact to note when it comes to support is that a lot of web hosts outsource their support activity (to Asia usually), and in my experience there is some correlation between this practice and quality of the support service. The good news is that InMotion does not preach this practice, their support is US based. This results a prompt and professional response in times of need as my research shows from customer reports and other serious review sites.

Web Design And Marketing Services Are Not For Me

I don’t know how people feel about it, but me personally would not use my web host’s web design and marketing services. Honestly, it comes off as an upsell.

I don’t want to blasheme Inmotion though, it wouldn’t be fair, so it’s best to note that this is a common practice with a lot of web hosts. And yes there might be instances where this really serves customers, but it’s more than likely a very small percentage.

At the end of the day in the name of a more complete service there is nothing wrong with it.

Performance Tests Are Positive

As I mentioned earlier in this article in the previous version if this review I made some mistakes when testing their performance. Even without some readers commenting to perform some new tests, I already planned to do a right version.

So in order to test more than one installation I’m using to find many websites hosted with InMotion and as you will see I chose three of them and tested their speed. I will also setup uptime testing with Uptimerobot but I would like to test uptime for at least a month to get a better picture. So the bottom line is that I will include that part later. In the meantime check out the speed testing results.

Test A – The first website that I will run a speed test is This is a standard e-commerce website running on WordPress.
Results: minimum: 176ms; maximum: 184ms; average: 179ms.

Without being over enthusiastic, I have to admit that this is a very good result. Let’s see the other two.

Results: minimum: 117ms; maximum:119ms; average:117ms;

Results: minimum: 118ms; maximum: 120ms; average: 118ms;

The last two websites are hosted on VPSs, the first one is on shared account. We can see a little bit of difference, but not that much. Basically, with all of them being way below 0.3ms is fantastic.

As I said, there is no perfect web host, this is where people get it wrong, but let me say one thing: you can’t go wrong with InMotion.

So go ahead, give them a try, make use of the 90 day money back guarantee, and if half the way you feel like this is not your plate, you will have plenty of time to get your money back and look for another one – but I have a gut feeling that this won’t happen.

 Want to know more about InMotion and its plans? Visit the official website.

A Feature That I’m Personally Fond Of

I usually don’t advocate the use of too many additional services when acquiring hosting, but InMotion has this thing called Launch Assist that I find very useful.

From a point of view where we don’t want to spend time or simply don’t have the know-how  to configure virtual private servers or dedicated ones, this can come handy.

The good thing is that in the case of dedicated servers Launch Assist comes for free.

So how does it work?

You just simply tell them how you want your server to be configured, or if you new to the whole process, they will set it up according to your needs.

They will also help moving websites, should you have such a request. The same is true to reseller plans. But it doesn’t stop here: they will also intall applications, optimize them. For more details, visit their official website.

Forward Looking Green Data Centers

I think that we’ve reached a point where this aspect becomes very important. I know that this is not something that makes the service better as we as users can’t really experience any difference between having a green data center or just a classical one, but I find it extremely important as I alway made sure that I host my websites with a provider that pays attention to this area of business.

Fun fact: InMotion actually was the first provider to implement a method that uses Computer Room Air Conditioners only partially in the cooling process that is needed to maintain the service in the Los Angeles area.

Conclusion of this Inmotion hosting review

The above and my dealings with Inmotion hosting puts them at the top of my list of “to go” web hosts. A solid web presence and decent prices are a given with this provider with outstanding service value.

So if you want your web presence to be in the hands of fine folks like these, head over to InMotion hosting and get started with your online journeys.

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    Thanks for the review, but I have a few questions to ask.

    First, I think you would agree that you still need to work on it, because there are important aspects that you don’t even mentioned, like support for example.

    Secondly, it would be good to see a fresh uptime/speed test done the right way.

    These would help a lot.


  • Hey Ron,

    I know it’s far from finished, I’m currently working on it, I will do the testing too, you can bank on it. And there will be more info on the more important aspects too.

    Thanks for the constructive remarks.

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    I’ve seen too many reviews which were all saying the same basically. I also know that they were not telling the truth as all of them recommend every web host. It was not Inmotion hosting, but I’m just wondering, why would it be different in this case? While you’re definitely made some effort to talk about the negatives too, who knows how many other negatives are there and you’re just not talking about it? Either cause you don’t want us to know about it or you’re not aware.

    But thanks for the review anyways, it does help at the end of the day.

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