Ipage Reviewed – What You Should Know About IPage Hosting in 2018

IPage is a web host that I knew about for a long time as in the past this website was hosted with FatCow, and both of them are part of Endurance International Limited.

In a way IPage was on the to do list of mine, as it proved to be more popular than FatCow for some reason. Finally, here’s the review. I hope it is of help for many of you.

Initial impressions

It’s no easy task to judge a web host at first glance, and I’m not going to do that, but there are certain features that we can evaluate after surfing through their website.

I get the impression that IPage targets the everyday user first, providing services that will be the basis of their first website.

ipage homepage

Ipage website – no links to more advanced hosting. (Click to see larger.)

I’m saying this because the more advanced web hosting types are a little bit hidden on the site.

They know that someone more experienced will search for those, so they don’t bother putting it in a prominent place, like the main menu on top. They only have web hosting and WordPress hosting there.

If we want to see the VPS and dedicated plans we should scroll down to the bottom of the page.

Security among the main selling points

This is definitely one of the most important aspects, and being such they want to be looked at as a highly reliable, secure web host. They perform daily scans, e-mail verification for spam and last but not least domain checks.

These scans pretty much make sure no data will go out of your hands, at least if some high profile hackers don’t decide to mix things up as they did in the case of GoDaddy (if you don’t know what I’m talking about just Google it). But you can never be completely sure, no matter what web host we’re talking about. If someone who knows what’s he’s doing wants to mess up your website, he/she can do it.

But it’s definitely good to know that they provide these services.

Just another green web host?

Let’s face it, if we have the chance to do the right thing, we’ll usually do it. We do the same when it comes to the environment.

I like to say that web hosts who are “really doing it” turn green. They can afford it, so I look at this as a sign of quality.

This is what Ipage did too, so there is no greenhouse gases pushed into the air by them directly – data centers, offices are running on wind energy.

In reality, they are able to do this through wind energy certificates – usually all green web hosts do this way. So indirectly they have the same ecological footprint.

So what’s in it for the environment then?

Well, the system can use the income from the energy certificates to further improve the green production, so a cleaner industry is developing as a result.

But please don’t get me wrong, all web hosts are on this scheme. So for now, it’s more of a catchy phrase for marketing purposes than actually being green.

Of course it depends what we call green, because as we know electrical cars exhaust too indirectly, so if we call an electrical car a green car, we can call these web hosts green web hosts.

As I mentioned, this is also a marketing point for similar services, so when you host with Ipage, you can create more appeal in your customers by displaying one of their green site badges.

Free Tools vs Paid tools

Though the majority of the extra solutions are paid ones, there are free ones too in the form of different kinds of ad credits and a decent quality site builder. You can access this through your vDeck control panel.

Using the site builder is very simple as we only need to drag-and-drop elements. If we play around with it for a few minutes,  it only takes a few steps to create a fully functional website.

So Ipage does a great job in providing extra tools above the standard, some of which I’ll detail below.

From personal website to large enterprise websites

We have the popular well-known technologies in the selection, so setting up a blog with WordPress or Drupal is no big deal.

If you want a ‘simple’ blog, you can do it with WordPress – it’s the best choice in my opinion. It has a ton of benefits that I’m not going to go over now, but if you can always go with WP.

Some people like to have extra safety, so backups are for them. As far I know this was not free in the past but now the NetApp Snapshot data backup is for free.

If you are creating a website for the first time chances are you cannot create a professional design to your site and additionally, you don’t want to hire an expensive company. I have good news for you: Ipage will take care of design if you ask them to, you can focus on what’s really important.

E-commerce tools to chose from

There is a free shopping cart in the most basic hosting plan, which as we know is probably the most essential service that is needed to operate an e-commerce website. Running an e-commerce site requires security, so for that you can use SSL (both Extended Validation and Quick SSL Premium).

Marketing tools & the Marketplace

They provide marketing services too,  which include search engine optimization, website creation & design. With this come free ad credits to use in Google and Yahoo, website submission to business directories and listing in Yellowpages.com.

Of course, domains can be set up from within Ipage – register, transfer or add sub domains without having to use separated domains service provider.

One will also be provided a full e-mail  package to help your marketing efforts or whatever you want to use it for.

By now you are probably familiar with the marketplace, and what it can offer. One more solution that can be very important in the long run, is the possibility to buy extra disk space and bandwidth.

Huge Savings Opportunity

In case you happen to be interested: Ipage runs promotions from time-to-time, so if you visit them at the right moment, you can get their hosting service for a fraction of the usual price. See current sale.

Hosting plans – a well known and well working structure

So we have arrived to the stage where we can speak about the facts, the hosting plans themselves.

I already mentioned that the whole concept behind Ipage’s operating method is very similar to Fatcow, so although they seem to provide one type of hosting plan, in reality though, if we look at it from a different point of view, we can see that they actually offer more than one hosting plan.

Essential for you basic needs

All this starts from the Essential Plan, which is of course shared hosting with features like unlimited* bandwidth and storage space, MySQL databases and free domain name.

Let’s be honest, this is no big deal, because if we look around we can notice that the web host “on the corner” provides unlimited resources, so let’s see the real deal. Do you want to build our own website for free?

Hey, I got good news for you, with the free Drag and Drop Site Builder you can do it – choose from the already made  themes or get creative and create your own. Of course all the features, services are very well documented, so using them cannot be a problem (tutorials, quick wizards equipped).

We have talked about different marketing credits. One more thing that is worth a mention is about the e-mail services: unlimited* e-mail accounts are there for you to use, with security tools like spam filters, virus detectors, auto responders and forwarders.

Speicific tools for bloggers

If you want to just operate a blog, then this is for you. The company offers a plan for bloggers with essential features for blogging needs.

Not more, not less. It comes with a free domain name, a set of blogging softwares (including the most popular ones of course like WordPress and Drupal), a few e-mail accounts, gallery management softwares and security tools.

Reseller package – Just a side-hustle

Even for those who are familiar with the company, it is not well known that Ipage offers reseller hosting too with a simple but great approach, providing good value, just like in the case of their other hosting plans.

The package is very promising from a features and prices point of view. It comes with a variety of marketing tools, a top notch reseller console, anytime money back guarantee plus a private name server with Ipage’s technical support. Though I saw more competitive solutions, so this part is not that significant in their portfolio I’d say.

Promising technical support

This is a tough area generally.

No web host is perfect, as you know if you’ve used any so it is very important to have web host that can deal with issues if there are, because if something can break, it will. Sooner or later.

This is where the tech support kicks in and handles these hassles. It is not indifferent if your website is down for a half an hour or 4-5 hours – rankings and money are the stake.

There is a comprehensive community created set of detailed articles, which aim to help with the most common issues, which can be solved even by folks who are not so familiar with similar things, but if they are told what to do, they can do it.

Other than that, the support staff seems very nice and helpful, although here too, I had the feeling that they want to get over me as fast as they can, they try to keep things as short as possible.

This is a general phenomenon among web hosts’ support services – they are instructed to deal with clients as fast as they can because usually there’s a line, so they have to hurry up.


Below you can see uptime rates since monitoring started (percentage). Checking interval: 5 minutes.

Uptime stats (click to see larger)

Uptime stats (click to see larger)

As we can see, they are above what they promise, which is 99.9% in long term too.
Ipage like many web hosts has sales from time-to-time. If you’re lucky, and visit them at the right time, you can spot a bargain.

Beginner friendly, instant activation, free setup and anytime money back guarantee what’s waiting for you. Check it out now!

Finally I’d like to add that we can analyze as much as we want, ultimately people are the building blocks of every organization. So the experience a client has mainly depends on that one or two persons who deal with them.

So get in touch with them, discuss options, get a feel of the whole Ipage experience. It is a remote thing, but make it a little more personal, that’s how you can get information that otherwise is not available.

IPage comparisons with other web hosts

Honestly I wouldn’t say something like Ipage is the best web host in this or that area, they probably have weak links like any provider has, it’s the nature of the business. But they are definitely good in what they’re doing, which is providing a solid, well-rounded service.

Of course we can get better, fancier service for a little more in return, but if you’re like me, you are likely to stick with a good solid upper-intermediate provider like Ipage.

It’s also not the cheapest of course as I’d say is in the upper-intermediate level, and cost wise too, definitely a strong intermediate. Check them out here…

Ipage Comparison and Alternatives

Here’s a couple of comparisons of the most known web hosts which should also help you in getting a better feel of what can you expect with IPage and what’s out there on the market.

Ipage vs Bluehost

This like comparing two brothers who have already moved out of the family home.

I’m saying this because they are part of the same group of companies, Endurance International, but operating out of different data centers. So essence, you can expect that same global scale with both web hosts. Differences show when it comes to options and image.

Bluehost has a more serious image in a sense that they are more known among professionals and quality-wise they are ahead if IPage.  There are several high-profile bloggers who use Bluehost, but there is noting to be ashamed  of for IPage, it’s just their products are aimed at a different customer base.

This is the case when it comes to options too: Bluehost has a wider selection of plans and custom solutions.

On the other side, IPage’s products are very simple, easy to use and most of all cheaper. So if you’re loking for a decent budget web host, which is not easy to find, IPage can be your ideal partner. They regularly offer massive discounts, so if you’re lucky, you can get started with them at a fraction of the usual price.

Ipage vs A2 Hosting

A2 Hosting is our web host at the moment and there significant differences between them and IPage.

First of all, A2 Hosting is an independent web host meaning that they are not a member of any big international company group. But, in spite of this they do offer the same global scale as IPage.

Price-wise there is no significant difference between them, A2 Hosting being around the samel price level as Bluehost.

I think that the most significant difference is in performance between them as A2 Hosting is marketed as a high speed web host. Now, some of this is just percevied performance because there are lower level plans with A2 Hosting too, it’s just they provide the option to opt for high-performance.

The above may suggest that IPage is inferior to A2 Hosting, but this is not the case. In their own category I consider them a solid web host, but again this is if you’re looking for super-cheap hosting. If it doesn’t hurt your budget to pay a few extra bucks, I’d do that and go with A2 Hosting.

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