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How to Carry Out a WordPress Update

Obviously this is for the complete beginner, but here it goes. Updating WordPress is basically an automated process. While the user (you) has to start it with a few clicks, after that everything happens on its own. The Update Process Log in to your WordPress powered website. Then maneuver to the Dashboard in the left […] Read More

Newest & Hottest WordPress Free Themes From the WP Repository

The WordPress theme repository evolves fast. It becomes the place I always wanted it to be – where no matter how much coding (or how little) we know, we can create a fairly good-looking and functioning WordPress based website. In my mind the first real hit is this year. When I first heard that the […] Read More

How to add a logo image to Twenty Fourteen

For quite some time we were using a customized version of the Twenty Fourteen WordPress theme here on WHW and despite the fact that it is a really awesome theme that I’m excited about since they first announced it, as you may or may not know, it does not have a solution to add a […] Read More