WordPress Hosting

WordPress hosting is becoming more and more popular, and this is not surprising because WordPress is becoming more widespread, so consequently the environment where it can operate improves too.

Is there any difference between regular hosting and so called WordPress hosting?

The answer to this question is yes and no. I’ll explain this in a minute. See, what WordPress hosting really means, is the ability of a infrastructure to “give home” to WordPress, thus running WordPress as a CMS. In the past when all the tools were not given to create a perfect environment to WordPress, users met many obstacles, sometimes they had to wait hours before they could use their WordPress powered website or when they tried to update their system, errors occurred. Today, generally we don’t have to be afraid of these issues. Most web hosts have WordPress in their arsenal and they have the right infrastructure to run properly.

Basically, we can install WordPress with a few clicks of our mouse. Better web hosts in the industry usually use cPanel or vDeck – these include the tools like Softaculous, Fantastico or Simple Scripts which really do the job when it comes to running WordPress properly. These softare require the later versions of PHP installed on the host’s server to be able to function as planned.

So, if your host has cPanel or vDeck, you can be sure that they will have WordPress too. Of course, they can use other control panels too, but these two are the most common ones. Some use customized versions of  these or other control panels.

So when choosing a WordPress host, it really comes down to the basic quality of the host. It should have the tools mentioned and additionally the features that make a web host good, so great reliability, security and technical support.

You can always start out on our top list of hosts,  or check out the below ones. The selection here is narrowed down, so choosing one is easier than looking at 8 or 10 providers.

1. Inmotionhosting | Read Review | Visit Inmotionhosting


InMotion Hosting

This host should be recommended for several reasons. First it has great review all over the web, they are really good in what they do. They have cPanel and Softaculous, so you can install WP with a few clicks. The good part is that they not only offer this with shared hosting but with more advanced levels of hosting, so you can upgrade to VDS or dedicated servers as your site grows (because as the number of visitors grows, sooner or later you will have to upgrade). It can be quite inconvenient if you have to transfer to another host, but here, you don’t have to worry about that. So, I would say this is perfect for businesses that grow. Price is maybe a little higher than average, but the quality is definitely higher too.

2. A2Hosting | Read Review | Visit A2hosting

A2Hosting Logo


I should mentioned this company because of the same reasons why I recommended the above one. The price range is the same, they also have all the VPS-s and dedicated servers, great support, high security and availability.

3. IPage  | Read Review | Visit Ipage



I should say that Ipage specialises in this field. They are suitable for WordPress hosting, they have anytime money back guarantee, so feel free to try without any worries. The main difference between this and for example Inmotion Hosting is the fact that Ipage does not offer upgrade options, so I’d say that it is not recommended for business sites – at least for sites having thousands of visitors a day, and constantly growing.

So, where are we now? You might say, now you want to tell me that all these are good?

Basically, yes. I always advise everyone to do their homework (research) and make a decision after that. If you don’t like it, you can move the site within the trial period, and you’ll not lose a dime. Web hosts are competing heavily with each-other, so they will be more than happy to help you move to them from another company, just contact them.